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Monday, February 14, 2011

MOVIE: Megamind Review...

if your looking for a good old time and lots of laughs. I suggest you watch Megamind. This movie had all around laughs and took a different spin at superhero movies and gave us a great surprise that i know you would all enjoy. This flick is for all ages. Me and wife enjoyed it even thou we have no kids. I give Megamind five thumbs up . Hope you get to enjoy this wonderful movie. Make sure to bring someone you will enjoy being a kid with again . love it love it love it!!! hope to see more flicks come like this in the future. it seems that animated flicks have come a long way and continue to grow and become great movies of all time.thank you all.

Movie ni serius kelakar dan menarik dan lain dari superhero movie yang lain!! Dah habis tengok pun aku gelak gelak lagi...walaupun movie ni dah lama tayang! (November 2010) iaitu 2 bulan yang lalu..dan gambar dia sangat cool, cute dan cantik!!

thanks kawan2 yang bagi movie ni =))

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