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Monday, April 11, 2011

goin to finish my study in fifteen days cant waitt

in a couple of weeks i'm gonna leave ukm..
today is quite a big day but i dont have any feel about that
my fren that i told in last post text me last night using new number
She told me that she in indonesia n cant bank in because i gave her invalid account number
i wonder how she gets to know that i'm pissed at her haha ever she unfren me anymore on fb

what ever it is, i hope she can pay her reload payment to my other fren
i dont want involve in this kind of business again..
actually i cant speak english very well.
but at least i try to prepare myself for working environment
i should not take care so much when my frens read this and laugh on my grammar, waddehell. thats why i cant write a lot in english because i rarely used this language
only when chatting with my fren from tunisia or other country in facebook.
so use facebook wisely, u can use it in better way rather than playing farmville, restaurant city, onlie pool, poker etc.


Kamil said...

good wrting! c:

zayani Halil said...

thanks la writing standrt muet band 3..hahaha